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Introducing Zephr's Best-Of-Breed Technology Series

Admin | 18 February 2021 | Read time: 2 minutes

Welcome to our brand-new blog series on best-of-breed technologies. In the coming weeks, we will be interviewing our partners to discuss their expertise, their solutions and most importantly, what makes them a best-of-breed technology.

But first, you might ask, what is a best-of-breed technology? You will find this term often used to differentiate between individual products and all-in-one solutions. In a nutshell, a best-of-breed technology is the best technology existing in its referenced category.

Best-of-breed technologies differ in many aspects, such as superior business agility, quicker ROI and a better user experience. While all-in-one solutions offer more ease-of-use in terms of a managed solution, best-of-breed technologies allow your business to be more agile, flexible and competitive with a solution that is hyperfocused and best-in-class at what it does.

Employing several best-of-breed technologies doesn’t mean to work in silos, but quite the opposite. You can easily integrate each technology across your organisation into your existing technology stack.

Here at Zephr, we pride ourselves on our best-of-breed approach. We use the same philosophy when building out our partner network, providing our clients with access to the best players in the industry, the best technology and the best teams in the ecosystem.

In the course of this series, you will meet Data Management Platforms (DMP), Content Management Systems (CMS), Email Marketing Software (EMS), and many more providers which are an integral part of our best-of-breed network.

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