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How (and Why) To Simplify B2B Subscriptions

Posted by Admin on Jul 8, 2021 2:02:57 PM

We've witnessed a rapid rise in the popularity of subscription-based services. Data from Barclaycard Payments discovered that the average household now spends £552 on subscriptions each year. 

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The future of digital publishing

Posted by Admin on May 13, 2021 12:25:11 PM

We have long been told that print is dead and digital is the future.  But while the former might not be entirely true, the latter certainly is. 

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The case for paywalls: How and why you should do it

Posted by Admin on Apr 28, 2021 4:56:22 PM

Have you been considering putting your content behind a paywall? If you haven’t done so yet, what’s stopping you? Many businesses fear that a paywall will cause their bounce rate to increase and that readers will look for content elsewhere, slowly decreasing the numbers coming to their website

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Zephr Coffee Club #6 - To Paywall or Not To Paywall - May 7, 2020

Posted by Viktor Nikolov - Business Development on May 7, 2020 11:05:00 AM

Our Coffee Club was back in swing after one week off due to our new product launch taking precedence. Up this week was a conversation about Paywalls and Datawalls, and to bring a shakespearian thespian vibe we asked 'To Paywall or to Datawall - that is the question?'

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To paywall or not to paywall - is that the question?

Posted by Yann Petkov - Business Developement on Apr 1, 2020 4:25:01 PM

There are a number paywall types you might consider implementing within the context of a subscription strategy - hard, dynamic, metered, freemium, hybrid of metered and freemium, membership (donation), premium etc. That being said, if you are a publisher reading this article, chances are you are

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