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Zephr Coffee Club #5 - Micropayments Monetization - April 23, 2020

Our Thursday Coffee Club was back again, this time with a St George's Day twist! (Well, not a twist as such, but again some great content!)

First up, Scott Howland of Zephr was talking about Minimising Account Sharing , especially in B2B Media environments. 

What is the problem? We all have probably done it - shared our Netflix password or lent someone our Prime account. But what's the issue with that I hear you say? Well, firstly, it's against T&C's but more than that, it's depleting revenue streams for these organisations.  According to online stats, Netflix loses more than $135m each month due to just under 10% of its customers sharing their passwords

However, these HUGE corporate organisations have probably planned for this happening, and they may even encourage it - enabling users to become habitual and probably end up buying a subscription anyway. There's another side to this though, and this lies more with B2B Media organisations, where their content is extremely valuable. These subscriptions can me £X,000's more revenue per year per customer, and it's something they want to have control of.

Active Prevention - actively making it harder to share accounts

  • Using Authentication Techniques that only the real account holder can log in with
    - Something they only know (like a password, PIN etc.)
    - Something they are (I.e. biometric data like a fingerprint)
    - Something they possess - e.g. phone [token by SMS], or email [passwordless auth]
    - Social Sign In (Both frictionless, and also less likely to be shared)
  • Limiting Devices and Sessions
    - Setting a maximum number of concurrent sessions
    - Restricting the user to named devices.

Passive Prevention - passively tracking users who share their accounts to monetise

  • Using that data to sell more seats to the customer
    - Report on concurrent user sessions
    - Look at Unique IP Addresses per user
    - Leveraging your IAM reporting

NOTE: You need users to abuse their accounts to get that benefit, so don’t rush block account sharing!

For more on Account Sharing, download our whitepaper here.

Next up was David Lockie of Pragmatic Agency  who dropped in to talk to us about web monetisation techniques, and more niche than that, micropayments. 

As we know, and probably seen, Micropayments have been a huge talking point over the past 10-20 years. How can these be leveraged efficiently to ensure users feel comfortable to pay for publishing content. If someone put a 20p levy on an article on your favourite site, would you pay it to read it?

This time though, it was looking at how Blockchain can be leveraged in this journey. Is Facebook Libre the answer to this, leveraging the data from Facebook but encouraging payment? What if you could pay with the data you're giving to Facebook - of course data has a value doesn't it. 

This talk then looked at the new Web Monetization API - Web Monetization is an API that allows websites to request small payments from users facilitated by the browser and the user's Web Monetization provider. (Learn more here) - who knows if this is going to resonate with users, however, one thing that is clear - there is not yet a silver bullet for web monetisation and this is going to be a huge topic over the next 5-10 years as well!

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