Zephr Coffee Club #10 - Corporate and Bulk Subscriptions - June 4, 2020

The Zephr Coffee Club returned with a dive into Corporate and Bulk Subscriptions. Initially it kicked off with the WHY? There are various reasons, for both B2B and B2C publishers that Bulk and Corporate subscriptions would be key to a revenue stream.


  • More lucrative - increased revenues
  • Less admin effort - one account manager, rather than lots of individuals
  • Passive/Active account sharing prevention possible
  • Saves company buyers money overall, but bigger commitments for publishers
  • Ties down long term contracts - increased predictable revenues

We're seeing lots of organisations offer this from The FT, to The Times, B2B's like PEI and more and more have different corporate or bulk offerings. But, what kind of ways can I offer this?

We discussed different ways to offer these entitlements, from IP Addresses, email addresses,  registration codes, individual users or even different product offerings too. This could all be leveraged via a platform like Zephr, enabling you to offer the right product and the right time, with the right way of deploying for the users.

B2B Approaches

  • Manage Large Accounts Easily - I.e. Financial Market Information
  • Track Account Sharing - Passive and Active
  • Have Different Options and Products Available
  • Trigger Emails to Account Manager for Upsells
  • Drive Increased Offline Sales

B2C Approaches

  • Company Subscriptions - I.e. Benefits
  • Replacing the Magazines in the Barbers/Coffee Shop?
  • Wifi Access - Office Receptions, Coffee Shops, Added Value
  • Location Subscriptions - Access in Certain Areas through Partnership
  • All Increased Revenue Opportunities / Leverage Trials?
Net Net - if you don't already offer a corporate subscription, there are various guises you can deploy and it can really help you add value to organisations and customers. Come and speak to Zephr for a simple way to deploy the corporate membership. Join us for our next Coffee Club on 18th June!

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