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Client Case Study

FIPP doubles subscriptions by launching new intelligent paywall solution

Executive Summary

  • Media membership association FIPP monetized its content offering by gating their previously open-access content modules.
  • FIPP implemented two tiers of access to its resources to boost registrations and membership numbers.
  • FIPP saw its subscriptions double in the first 10 days after launch.

The Challenge

FIPP’s membership offers discounts and priority access to the company’s events and content. However, most of their resources, such as whitepapers, reports and guides, were still open-access, meaning they were missing out on the opportunity to collect valuable first-party data and subscription revenue by gating content.

With corporate memberships declining in the past five years, the management team at FIPP saw an opportunity. They wanted to implement a content monetization strategy to boost their membership numbers by leveraging their industry-leading content to implement cutting-edge, dynamic subscription journeys.

We realised internally that we needed to do something about the churn in membership. The more difficult decision following that was, how do we implement it now? We chose Zephr, because it’s a true plug-and-play solution and it’s very easy to implement for non-technical users.” 

John Schlaefli, Chief Revenue Officer at FIPP


The Solution

Being a small team, FIPP needed to employ a flexible solution that included ease-of-use for non-technical users whilst meeting budget requirements.

“What Zephr does is allow us to have a very simple solution that just does the job, and it's affordable for a business like ours.” said John Schlaefli, Chief Revenue Officer at FIPP. “Other solutions in the market don't work for small and medium sized enterprises, whereas I think Zephr is very flexible in terms of what it does”.

The solution was to implement two tiers of access to FIPP’s resources. The first tier was a registration form for anonymous users and the second tier was a paid membership option. This would help FIPP’s commercial teams collect data from unknown visitors using registration; insight that could then be used to help move these users along to paying customers.

Further, FIPP used Zephr’s paywall solutions to test their pricing strategy, using A/B testing to experiment with two different price points for different geographical regions and display different payment plans and options according to location. Zephr’s drag-and-drop features let them divide their audiences and test pricing options to see which works best, taking the guesswork out of their pricing strategy.  

Being an industry membership publication, FIPP also took advantage of Zephr’s B2B functionality to manage corporate subscriptions for their largest accounts. Being dynamic with corporate accounts, for example by controlling large-scale access to their best-in-class training resources and guides, helps FIPP align value with offering for their biggest clients. 

10 days after launch FIPP saw its subscriptions double, projecting a 20% increase in subscribers in the next year

The Outcome 

The implementation of the dynamic paywall brought forward many benefits to FIPP, such as the monetisation of a valuable part of their business: their training modules. By doing so they were able to effectively gate all resources, including as whitepapers, guides and reports.

Zephr enabled FIPP to have a solution that met their budget requirements while not compromising on features and functionality. FIPP can now confidently manage their subscribers’ experience from the Zephr platform, using dynamic offers and our out-of-the-box registration forms to increase conversions.

In the first 10 days after launch, the company saw its subscriptions double and it has projected a 20% increase in subscribers in the next year.


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