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Client Case Study

LeadDev increase their subscription
base by 50% in 8 months

Executive Summary

  • Specialist content and events provider LeadDev implemented two new revenue channels  - marketing solutions and digital events - from scratch within 3 months.
  • With the pandemic cancelling in-person events, LeadDev had to act fast and host thousands of paying customers online.
  • They have increased their subscriber base list by 50% since launch.

The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges LeadDev had to overcome was time pressure. They needed to launch a fully online presence in under 3 months, starting from scratch. 

They required a solution that could be implemented quickly to facilitate identity and access management for the visitors of their virtual events, with their LeadDev Together 2020 series being hosted just a few weeks after the site went live. Dave Fletcher, co-founder of LeadDev admits: “What we were trying to do, it was pretty ambitious...but we really wanted to have the whole experience on the LeadDev website, so that we could control everything.”

Since launching, LeadDev’s catalogue of articles, guides and webinars grew to the point at which they were keen to introduce a dynamic datawall that would convert their repeat visitors to registered users, without putting off first-time visitors with an untimely paywall. They wanted to capture valuable 1st-party data to help understand their audience, drive readership, and ultimately improve their content and event offering.

“We had to very rapidly transform our business into a digital business from being a fully face-to-face one, and that’s where Zephr came in.”

Dave Fletcher, co-founder, LeadDev

Screenshot 2021-06-30 at 15.58.49

The Solution

Dave and his team set up Zephr’s platform to control the sign-up and access procedures for their digital events, in a matter of days. They were able to manage the data collected at registration from the thousands of ticket purchases for LeadDev Together 2020 and other virtual events. The whole process was contained on the LeadDev main site, with the commercial team able to execute creative decisions in real-time using Zephr’s drag-and-drop Feature Builder, making the customer experience seamless for the registered users.

Once the site was established, LeadDev used Zephr’s Rules Builder and custom registration form templates to deploy a metered datawall on their previously ungated content, without the involvement of their development partner. They experimented with allowing readers a set number of free articles each month before asking them to sign up with an email address, with the goal of converting loyal readers into registered users.

LeadDev increase their subscription
base by 50% in 8 months

The Outcome 

Dave and the LeadDev team successfully hosted over a thousand paid visitors to their LeadDev Together 2020 series, completely securely, with ease. “We launched on the first of September, and it was a phenomenal success... I just cannot see how this would have been possible without Zephr.” Since then they have run a series of webinars and a large virtual event via Zephr, each helping to grow out their registration list.

And they’re not stopping there. Building on this initial success, Dave is looking to experiment with A/B testing for their conversion strategies. Dave concluded: “The business is going to transform again in the next 12 months. We know that with Zephr we can quickly implement new journeys for people with different products, for different ideas that we’ve got, whilst driving the fundamentals for the business.’’


Download the full case study here.