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5 (Actionable) Ways News Media Publishers Can Improve Digital Subscriber Experiences

From pre-acquisition to post-acquisition reader states

The data gathered on a reader’s first visit to your site should inform your registration strategy for that reader. That connected journey continues through to how and when you show them a subscription offer, how it’s presented to them through email marketing and how that relationship is cultivated post-subscription.

However, many media publishers are failing to connect their pre - and post -acquisition customer journeys (and the tools used to facilitate them).

Though the data is available, it is siloed and not being used to harmonise on-site experiences with off-site messaging.

Download this eGuide to discover:

  • How to use progressive profiling to transition anonymous users to registered readers.
  • How to prioritise the entire digital subscriber journey from pre-acquisition to post-acquisition reader states.
  • How to demonstrate ongoing value to earn and keep subscriber loyalty.



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