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Personalisation, Relevancy & the Rise of AI

Unravelling the tech shaping digital publishing 

Personalisation strategies are nothing new. But as the publishing industry progresses, personalised experiences are becoming more sophisticated. Digital Publishers are now able to employ the use of AI to analyse customer data on a larger scale as well as make precise predictions that were previously unimaginable.

But as with all technological advancements, AI personalisation comes with its challenges…

In this eGuide, we'll dive deep into these challenges and explore various approaches to personalisation and content recommendations. We'll cover essential metrics to consider for good personalisation, the recommended practices for implementing a content recommendation system, and offer an in-depth look at the realm of AI analysis and how to navigate it.

Download this eGuide to: 

  • Find out why personalisation is taking centre stage for the future of news publishers.
  • Discover why progressive profiling is proving essential in a world full of data.
  • Delve into AI alternatives for personalisation.
  • Discover the types of AI algorithms and how each one differs for personalisation.
  • Learn how to effectively measure the success of personalisation strategies and follow best practices.
  • And much more...



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