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What is a Subscription Experience Platform?

Subscription Experience Platforms allow businesses to connect what they know about their users, and change the actual experience those customers have with the product, based on that data. Solutions in the Subscription Experience armory include, personalising sign-up and registration journeys, personalised email marketing, progressive profiling, managing trials, gated access and even bespoke price-offering promotions.

Why would a publisher / media brand use a solution like Zephr?

Zephr gives businesses the ability to personalise the value their audiences get from their products, leading to higher conversion rates, lower churn and better life-time-value.

How long does it take to implement Zephr?

The implementation time for Zephr varies based on the type of integration our customers deploy.  Our Customer Success and Onboarding team support our customers through the entire process to ensure we meet agreed go-live time frames together.

Can Zephr manage B2B Subscriptions & Group Accounts?

Yes - Zephr offers a full suite of tools specifically designed to help users manage B2B accounts and corporate subscriptions.

Can I use Zephr for Progressive Profiling?

Yes - Zephr offers full progressive profiling capabilities.

Will Zephr be impacted by the death of 3P cookies?

No - Zephr was created to help publishers make the most of their first and zero party data, avoiding the need to rely on third-party cookies altogether.

Does Zephr offer SSO?


Can I manage multiple sites within Zephr?

Yes - Many of our clients have launched multiple sites. One client is now at over 100 sites!

Can Zephr make decisions based on our own data models?

Yes - using the Zephr Rules Builder, you can determine the exact path of a user’s journey based on different attributes. For example, Zephr can determine if a user has reached a trial limit or not, and respond accordingly (either showing a paywall, or allowing access to content).

Does Zephr offer a server-side solution?


Can Zephr be used on apps?


How does the Zephr integration with my website work?

Zephr can be integrated in a number of different ways depending on what is best suited for your website and technology stack. Zephr can be implemented on the edge via our CDN, through javascript or through direct API integration. Our team will help determine the integration that is best suited for our customers’ needs.

Does Zephr have A/B testing functionalities?

Yes - Our code-free Rules Builder allows users to run A/B tests across any on site experience.

What does best-of-breed mean?

A best-of-breed strategy employs an ecosystem of the best technology available to achieve a desired outcome. Best-of-breed providers work with others within the ecosystem to help create a frictionless technology stack for their customers.

Does Zephr manage payments?

No - Zephr integrates with a number of payment and subscription management providers including Stripe, Braintree, Zuora, Apple and Google Pay and more. You can check our partners’ page for more information.

Does Zephr store user data?

Yes - Zephr is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant. Data is owned entirely by our customers.

Who are Zephr’s partners?

Visit our partners’ page for more information.

When was Zephr acquired by Zuora?

Zephr was acquired by the leading cloud-based subscription management platform provider in September 2022.

Is Zephr a stand-alone product?

Zephr will continue as a stand-alone product within Zuora’s existing services. There is no need to purchase additional products or services to access Zephr.

What are the long-term plans for the Zephr product?

Everything that customers love about the Zephr product will remain the same. However, by joining Zuora, Zephr will have access to resources and tools to provide customers with an even better experience.

Will you still continue to develop features?

Yes, we are committed to continue development of the Zephr platform in line with our strategy.

We use a different subscription management provider to Zuora. Can we still purchase Zephr on its own?

Yes, Zephr is available as a standalone product, so you can purchase it regardless of what other products you have in your stack and without having to commit to any other products.

How does Zephr ensure our data is protected?

Zephr maintains industry standard processes and procedures to secure customer data, such as hosting customer tenants through an AWS cloud platform.

Will Zephr still work with other partners?

Yes, we will continue to work with all existing partners and are excited about the prospect of introducing new ones. We'll evaluate whether there's a need to modify existing partnerships as a result of the company's new ownership structure. Zephr will continue to provide a best-of-breed solution, allowing you to choose the best tools for your business.

We already have Zuora - can we just add Zephr to the existing contract?

Yes! Please contact your Zuora Account Manager for assistance, and they can guide you through the process.