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Mini-Training Series: Subscription Innovation For 2022 And Beyond

Understanding shifts in consumer behaviour is essential to building a thriving subscription business.

But to get a grasp on what new behaviours we’re likely to see in the digital publishing industry over the next few months, it helps to have real-world insights from the experts…

That’s why Zephr has teamed up with some industry specialists, creating a mini-training series to help you prepare for the rest of 2022.

Our speakers Ken Lum (Customer Experience) and Mark Whistler (Product Marketing) share their knowledge of emerging trends in digital publishing, alongside Shannan Bowen (Product and Audience Strategy Consultant).

Series outline:

Lesson 1: What makes subscription products stand out, including an overview of the different strategies leading companies use to monetise their content in new and unique ways.

Lesson 2: The need for a data-first approach, and how publishers can use first-party data for effective paywall iterations that drive conversions.

Lesson 3: Shannan Bowen's expert advice on 'funnel-ology'. Building an audience funnel from anonymous users right through to upsell opportunities.

Lesson 4: A deep dive into future trends and predictions for the publishing industry moving forward, including what to expect and prep for.

Who should attend:

This mini-training series is ideally suited for digital publishing companies that are thinking about embarking on introducing subscriptions to their business or have an existing subscription strategy they are looking to refine. 

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