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Introducing the Zephr User State Map BETA!

Published on December 9, 2020

We are excited to announce the launch of our Journey module with its first feature, the User State Map, now available in BETA! This release is the culmination of months of work across our business and we are looking forward to continuing development over the coming months. In partnership with BETA users, we will ensure scalability, performance and reliability of the feature and continue to deliver a best-in-breed technology with world-class user experience.  

What is the User State Map?

Zephr User State Map screenshot

The User State Map brings a new level of customer journey curation to the Zephr platform, giving you the ability to map out the stages of  your customers’ lifecycle and set criteria that triggers the transition of a customer from one stage to another. Full integration with our Feature Rules Builder means that users can take what they define in the User State Map and use it to create, test and validate new, highly targeted strategies geared specifically towards where a customer is in their lifecycle or their user state. 

“The concept of a ‘State Machine’ has been around for a while, however it has rarely been applied to a customer’s lifecycle within the publishing or media industry. Using the concept of the ‘State Machine’ we are excited to launch the User State Map and the new functionality it brings to the Zephr platform.” - Chris Scott, CPTO, Zephr 

Ultimately by employing the User State Map and the Feature Rules Builder together, Zephr users have the ability to influence a broader set of success metrics - such as churn prevention, experience personalisation, deeper progressive profiling and upsell strategies. These strategies are now equally as simple to implement and validate as more traditional acquisition programs. 

How does the User State Map BETA fit your objectives? 

In order to optimally leverage the module, early adopters should have a good understanding of their customers' lifecycle and be looking to test new growth strategies.  The BETA release will allow users to map out their customers’ lifecycle and set the transition criteria between them. We also want to work with users that are in the early stages of mapping their customer lifecycle and help identify the different user states and the transitions required. Currently, transitions are limited and we will continue to shape the functionality with you.  

Are you an Early Adopter?

We are looking for BETA users who are as excited about helping shape the future of the product as we are. Early adopters that are open to giving constructive feedback on how to refine the product and help to uncover areas for further development. 

“By taking a user centric approach, we've  designed an interface that makes creating a user state map and building feature rules for it incredibly quick and easy.  This allows customers to build far more interesting experiences that are tailored to the exact point your customer is at in their lifecycle. 

With the launch of the BETA we move into the next phase of development and are excited to continue partnering with early adopters to refine the User State Map even further.” - James Counter, Creative Director for Product Development

Throughout the BETA we will create a community of subscription experts who are eager to make their business as efficient and as profitable, while also delivering exceptional customer experiences.  We plan to share learnings and best practices across the group and help drive a new understanding within the industry on how enhancing a customer's experience can help drive brand loyalty, engagement and long-term growth.  

“This is the first stage in what will be a busy year for product investment at Zephr, following our recent Series A funding. We’re excited to work with customers to further develop the User State Map and continue to empower the creation of dynamic user experiences that deliver sustainable growth.”  - Chris Scott, CPTO, Zephr  

To learn more about the User State Map or to join the BETA release community, email or contact your Zephr rep.