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Zephr and Sailthru Partner to Seamlessly Connect On-Site and Off-Site Customer Experiences

Published on August 4, 2021

The New Integration Helps Publishers and Media Brands Create Responsive Journeys to Maximise Customer Relationships and Business Performance.


Zephr, the leading subscription experience platform, is excited to announce a partnership with Sailthru, the leading personalised marketing automation technology provider for publishers and retailers, for a new platform integration. Clients are now able to seamlessly create subscription journeys that include on-site and off-site experiences, driving deeper personalisation, longer customer retention and greater revenue growth.

The partnership presents an opportunity for greater experimentation from commercial stakeholders. With all customer communications in one place, decision makers are able to design, test and iterate conversion and revenue strategies at scale, without writing a single line of code. And since data walls in Zephr are synced to Sailthru, all first-party data collected either on or off-site enriches existing user profiles, maximising the information available for each visitor.

"The future of customer relationships is rooted in a data-driven value exchange between company and customer. The integration with Zephr ensures that publishers begin to operate at the speed of the customer, with responsive journeys and seamless personalised experience creation," said Allison Stone, Vice President of Product Management at Sailthru. “And with personalisation and the first-party data collection key to creating extraordinary brand interactions, we are confident this integration will drive shared value across both platforms.”

“We are pleased to welcome Sailthru to our partner ecosystem. This integration continues Zephr’s commitment to empower digital publishers and media businesses with greater control over their subscription experience for both on and off-site user experiences,” said Yakir Firestane, Partnerships Director at Zephr. “Creating new ways to not only gather and execute against first-party data strategies, but add to the publishers’ toolkit the ability to experiment, optimise and personalise. Ultimately delivering greater performance for our joint customers.”

With Zephr and Sailthru, commercial and marketing teams can create specific subscription offers for given cohorts of digital readers on Zephr that, depending on the customer’s on-site behaviour, trigger different automated emails with Sailthru. The customer’s response to the email is then communicated back to the Zephr platform, altering the next on-site interaction. 

Zephr helps publishers optimise their conversion strategies through granular personalisation and unique subscription experiences. For many Zephr and Sailthru clients, the integration has already proven valuable by adding multi-channel communication capabilities to Zephr’s drag-and-drop subscription journey builder, helping to augment relevant insights used for personalised offers. The partnership means that product and marketing managers are now able to manage the entire user experience - on the website and through marketing channels - in one place, giving the end-user a continued experience across all their interactions with the brand. 

About Zephr

Zephr is a leading subscription experience platform focused on accelerating revenue growth for the world’s leading digital publishing and media companies. With a best-in-breed solution, Zephr combines an intuitive user interface and plug-and-play integrations to let commercial and technical teams develop powerful subscription relationships and deliver personalised experiences for every customer at the right time for the right price. Unlock your subscription revenue potential with Zephr. For more information check out www.zephr.com.  

About Sailthru

Sailthru, a CM Group brand, helps modern marketers drive higher revenue, improve customer lifetime value and reduce churn by using its powerful suite of connected capabilities. Sailthru’s high-performance email, website personalization, mobile marketing automation, and unique integrations power new customer acquisition by leveraging machine learning and first-party data to easily deliver relevant, personalized engagement across all channels. The world’s most innovative publishers, including Morning Brew, Condé Nast, Business Insider and Hearst, and the world’s fastest growing ecommerce companies, including TechStyle Fashion Group, NASCAR, Everlane and MZ Wallace trust Sailthru to help them succeed. For more information, please visit www.sailthru.com.