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Zephr launches ‘Optimize’ to unlock the potential of first-party data to personalise subscription experiences

Published on October 21, 2021

London, UK - 21 October 2021 - - Today, Zephr, the dynamic Subscription Experience Platform built for the optimisation and personalisation of the user experience  to drive conversion, is pleased to announce the launch of ‘Optimize’. Digital publishers leverage tools to solve specific business challenges, however, they lack the ability to quickly learn from and iterate their strategies. Zephr's data analytics feature set helps publishers use first-party data to enhance subscription journeys and digital experiences.

In order to provide customers with the right service at the right time, digital teams often carve out a significant portion of their marketing spend to gain insight into user behaviour. Business strategists are becoming more reliant tools that are both fast and flexible in their ability to win customer interest and secure customer loyalty. Zephr’s Trend Dashboard ensures digital publishers stay ahead with a high-level snapshot of user behaviour, allowing companies to spot user trends and catch warning signs early.

Publishers are often faced with the challenge of how to use their first-party data to drive growth and boost retention. Optimize helps publishers bolster their conversion strategy by identifying revenue opportunities at each stage of the subscription experience journey. ” - Chris Scott, Chief Product Officer

Dashboard Design Intro - Sept 2021

As users grow more resistant to digital experiences that do not offer relevant value, campaigns that take a personal approach to acquisition and retention resonate with audiences directly. Zephr’s intuitive drag-and-drop Rules Builder makes it easy to create personalised  subscriber journeys that remain relevant at a granular level. With supporting journey flow analytics, Zephr [In-Rule Reporting] helps companies streamline the decision-making process, in real-time, for the effective optimisation of their user journeys.

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“Optimize is essential for digital publishers who are looking to take their subscription experience journeys to the next level,” Sean Gray, Product Manager for Media, Zephr. “Optimize equips teams with the knowledge they need to test conversion strategies and experiment user journey flows to identify those that add value.”

About Zephr

Zephr is a leading subscription experience platform focused on accelerating revenue growth for the world’s leading digital publishing and media companies. With a best-in-breed solution, Zephr combines an intuitive user interface and plug-and-play integrations to let commercial and technical teams develop powerful subscription relationships and deliver personalised experiences for every customer at the right time for the right price. Unlock your subscription revenue potential with Zephr.

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