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Zephr & Vidora announce partnership

Published on November 18, 2020

Zephr is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Vidora. 

Vidora is a San Francisco based company with a mission to enhance the performance of marketing teams with no-code machine learning. Their platform, Cortex, allows teams to use AI predictions to continually optimize conversions and engagement, while providing end-to-end automation, giving teams the ability to create hundreds of predictions without the risk and cost of building in-house.zephr-vidora-white-background-1

Zephr’s mission is to revolutionize the subscription economy by providing commercial teams with no-code solutions, enabling them to easily create, test and iterate high-conversion user journeys. Zephr, with its ecosystem of partners, empowers customers to rapidly build strong customer relationships, optimize subscription revenues and dramatically boost ad yields.

The Zephr and Vidora partnership enables business users to easily create dynamic, personalized user journeys. Once Vidora’s AI-powered prediction models are plugged into Zephr, Zephr allows their clients to alter user journeys, which are based on each end customer’s predicted propensity to take a given path that is right for them.

The partnership provides solutions for such use cases as:

  • Predicting & preventing subscriber churn
  • Increasing conversions from free to paying users

  • Proactively identifying high-value users
 and nurturing them
  • Predicting the optimal time of day to re-engage dormant subscribers
Personalizing content recommendations across platforms in real-time

“The partnership with Zephr can add so much value to our mutual customers by enabling them to immediately act on the predictions we make. With Vidora, you can create great predictions but we don’t dictate how our customers take action on those predictions. With Zephr, you can create great customer journeys for each user, but they aren’t based on predictions. Combining the two technologies gives added value by allowing the customer to create informed experiences for their customers,” said Al Rey, CRO, Vidora.

“We’re excited about our new partnership with Vidora. The technologies complement each other very well. Together they empower businesses to continuously maximize conversions using predictive machine learning, without any code, through a drag and drop UI. The combination of Zephr and Vidora gives commercial teams an incredibly powerful tool for increasing lifetime value, reducing churn and improving their user experiences”, says Yakir Firestane, Partnerships Director, Zephr.