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Subscription Experience for SaaS

Unlock revenue growth experimentation with feature flag and tier management.

Take control of your revenue strategy. Zephr lets you manage the mechanics behind revenue growth without requiring any code changes to your product. Combining a pricing experimentation and growth solution for commercial teams with a feature flag and management solution for developers. Zephr is the leading Subscription Experience platform driving conversion through optimisation of the user experience. 

Built for technical and commercial teams

With demanding SaaS revenue targets, commercial leaders need to be able to control every growth lever. But in-product package composition and trial mechanics are often owned by technical teams. Zephr combines an experimentation and growth solution for the product, growth and marketing teams with a feature flag and management solution for developers.

  • Maximise ARPU by optimising in-product feature access for different user segments and geographies.
  • Drive conversion and reduce CAC by optimising trial and freemium mechanics.
  • Gradually release a feature to a designated percentage of users to reduce risk and assess performance.
  • Improve upsell and LTV by identifying under-used features and providing in-contract trials.

Feature flag management at scale

Every new feature flag your engineering teams create is added to Zephr’s ‘Feature Catalogue’. From there, any number of product tiers can be configured, new product packages can be created without any additional coding or redeployment and split test experiments can be run.

  • Start small and grow to include all features within your product.
  • Granular control, at scale.
  • SDK Powered.

Tier Management with an Intuitive UI

Zephr’s easy-to-use user interface puts the power of feature flags into anyones hands, not just developers. Commercial teams can easily build new product tiers and experiment with feature access confidently. By uncoupling technical product package configuration from the engineering roadmap, commercial users can experiment and optimise revenue strategies without ongoing code changes.

  • Easy to use interface.
  • All growth levers in one place.
  • Designed for easy setup and iteration.

In-product experimentation & growth optimisation

Visualise user journeys and create powerful rules for any experiment, from feature roll out and adoption to A/B testing. Zephr’s drag-and-drop Rules Builder removes the need for development teams to make changes and allows you to build, test, and optimise experiments against any feature.

  • Experiment with any feature, in any tier, against any user segment.
  • Intuitive data gathering and A/B testing.
  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop experimentation Rules Builder canvas.

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