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Corporate Subscription Management

Taking the complexity out of managing large subscription accounts.

B2B clients and corporate accounts should be the most exciting and lucrative relationships your company owns, but account sharing, misuse and underselling could be costing you dearly. Use Zephr’s corporate identity management solutions to create intuitive and secure federated user access for multi-login accounts and maximise the opportunities of your biggest deals.

Scalable federated user access

Expanding a digital media brand across multiple publications comes hand-in-hand with increased complexity, confusion and operational error.

Zephr takes away the stress of access and authentication by allowing single sign-on to manage any website mix within their parent company.

Whether you run one or one hundred titles, keep identity management under control while also reducing administrative overheads and minimizing security risks for your organisation.


Full suite of tools to manage your corporate subscriptions

By using Zephr’s corporate account management solution, leading media brands remain flexible in their offering and extract maximum value from their largest clients:

Whitelist IP addresses for unlimited on-site access

Offer bulk subscription discounts and deals

Set up soft limits so that corporate accounts can run over their given logins, triggering an upsell opportunity for the sales team

Create easy corporate onboarding and support packages

Prevent account sharing and misuse