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Digital Publisher and Media First-Party Data Strategies

Capture and enrich user data to maximise revenue.

Using registration and intelligent paywalls to capture valuable first-party data is the key to unlocking revenue across your user journey. Zephr’s intuitive features create personalised conversion strategies at all points of the subscription journey, collecting fully GDPR and CCPA compliant data that can be used to drive the value proposition for each potential customer.

Data capture that works for both you and your audience

Zephr’s fully customisable data capture forms enable you to deploy personalised data collection strategies to the right user at the right time.

Our easy-to-use Rules Builder allows you to continually update and deepen your understanding of your visitors as they move from unknown to known users.

Making it easier and quicker to monetise your audience, driving greater subscriptions, higher conversion and click-through rates across your advertising, affiliate marketing and e-commerce channels.

Strengthen your existing first-party data

Inconsistent and ineffective registration forms have left many organisations with incomplete data sets.

Our plug-and-play integrations allow Zephr Identity to sync with your data management and customer relationship softwares to ensure all data-sets are complete.

Any user information captured is not only stored effectively but is instantly accessible and actionable.

In addition, our in-product data capabilities, Zephr Optimize, helps you leverage first party data off-platform and synchronize it with your favourite tools, like Google Analytics and Tableau, for the fully integrated experience.

Turn first-party data into actionable results

Collecting and storing first-party data is only half the battle. How you activate against that data is the key to unlocking sustainable subscription revenue growth.

All data points and user segments are immediately available within Zephr’s Rules Builder. Empowering your teams to start building and testing personalised subscription experiences. The flexibility of the platform means you can activate your first-party data to deliver:

Higher registration rates
Better subscription rates
Increased email marketing open rates
Lower customer acquisition cost
Higher customer renewal rates
Faster churn reactivation