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Intelligent Paywall Solutions for Digital Publishers & Media Businesses

Drive revenue conversions with effective messaging and experiences.

Zephr turns ideas and information into revenue. Our dynamic Rules Builder lets you create, test and launch different conversion strategies for targeted cohorts of your audience. Turbocharge subscriber acquisition with intelligent decision-making and powerful paywall capabilities.

Paywall models that work for you

Audiences  come in all shapes and sizes, and so do paywall solutions. Yet many digital publishers still use a one-size-fits all approach when it comes to data capture and registration. Use Zephr to create paywall models that work for your audiences, such as:

Soft Paywalls that offer limited freemium content or features to build a stronger connection with readers before asking them to subscribe for full access.

Metered Paywalls that allow users a set number of articles within a specific time period, encouraging first-time readers to explore instead of bounce.

Hard Paywalls that target repeat visitors, turning engaged users into paying customers.

Dynamic Paywalls that use data to personalise conversion strategy depending on the user’s behaviour.


Test, learn and optimise your subscription revenue growth

Learning which business models, messaging, triggers and content converts your readers most effectively shouldn’t be guesswork.

Zephr allows you to segment users based on attributes and behaviour so that different user experiences and conversion strategies can be experimented with and learned from.

Build, deploy and rebuild customer journeys within minutes, optimising the performance of your paywalls and capturing happy customers for life.

Paywall Solutions - integrated with your tech stack

Our powerful platform fits seamlessly into any digital ecosystem, making it easy to connect with your existing CRM, Data or Analytics tools.

Extract value from your current data sets by using insight-driven decision making to create, test and iterate intelligent paywall strategies that give each cohort of readers a deeply personalised user experience.