Use Cases

Zephr can be deployed to solve a wide range of problems facing subscription businesses


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Revenue Diversification 

Zephr helps businesses optimise their monetisation mix. Whether that's improving advertising yields through better targeting, dynamic paywalls that mould around the needs of the consumers, demand generation for affiliates, responsive dynamic pricing models or offline sales conversion, Zephr can help. 

Our Drag-and-drop functionality for business users allows teams to design, build and deploy personalised customer journeys via a consumer-grade UI. Market-facing stakeholders can now react to market changes at the speed of thought. Products, packages, bundles and customer journeys - even entire business models - can be tweaked or completely rewritten in minutes.



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Progressive Data Capture

Moving visitors from unknown to known can improve ARPU by 50%. Zephr allows any business to better capture first party data, by helping honest value exchange. Our powerful rules-builder and customisable form templates unlock explicit 1st party data over time to build up a meaningful picture of your readers, prospects and visitors, until you are ready to move them towards the conversion that's right for them. This data can also be analysed to develop better and more focused product offerings that suit your different audience cohorts.  



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Dynamic Subscription Personalisation 

What's right for one potential subscriber is wrong for another. Consumers now expect and need a higher level of personalisation. With fixed price points and just a few packages on offer, most subscription businesses are leaving money on the table, and losing those customers who find a proposition that better fits their needs elsewhere. 

Zephr offers every subscription business the ability to dynamically optimise the products and packages available on their channels, based on the information known about the visitor. From "commuter-only" offers based on time of day and device type, through to complex unique bundling of services for clients with specific job titles or market verticals, Zephr lets you build an infinite array to suit every customer, without writing a line of code.



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Active Churn Management

Acquisition is only half the battle. Subscription businesses succeed on their ability to reduce churn and maximise life-time value (LTV).  Offering the right package can improve customer satisfaction on day 1, but their needs are likely to change over time.  

Zephr lets you build customer journeys that manage usage over time - from free through to trial, from trial through to paid and renewal - and ensure each customer gets the right experience to keep them happy. It can also help re-engage lapsed users or product launches, from auto-offering them trials of premium products, free access to a key feature or even letting them share their access with another for a certain period. Zephr's results speak for themselves, with clients seeing 30% increase in renewal revenue. 



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Feature Management

Zephr lets SaaS businesses manage features on-page at a granular level for every user on their platform. Rather than relying on crude tiered packages, product and marketing teams can now produced highly tailored trials and GTM packages that accurately reflect different use-cases or buyer personas. Availability of those features can be tied to usage of the platform or linked to time-based metrics to build entirely bespoke trials or product experiences. Zephr's feature management capabilities extends into API personalisation, allowing teams to customise access and usage at scale. 

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